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Joint plus with msm

Helps maintain joint mobility

Joint Pain Relief

Your joints work tirelessly, putting up with the constant wear and tear of every day life. For years, people had simply resigned themselves to joint pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Joint Plus contains the optimal blend of nutrients that keep your joints healthy and supple. Be kind to your joints by lubricating and nourishing them, so that you can continue to lead the life that you love, pain free.




When pushing your body to the limit, it is more important than ever to protect it from damage. That’s why top athletes are getting serious about ensuring the health of their joints – Joint Plus’ specialised formula gives the best chance of absorption, so your body gets the maximum benefit and can keep on going, ensuring athletes can maintain their power, strength and energy for many years.

Active Lifestyles

Joint Plus is not just for professional athletes or those with joint pain. Our liquid formula acts as a preventative measure to help you lead the fullest life you can. Whether you are into walking, mountain-climbing, skiing, or even just playing with the kid’s on a Sunday afternoon, Joint Plus helps you live your life to the full.

Serving communities for 45 years in our Pharmacies

Serving communities for 45 years in our Pharmacies

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The Loving Spoonful

Clinical research has shown that liquids are absorbed quicker than tablets or capsules – the most optimistic figure for solids absorption is 30%, compared to rapid liquid absorption at 90%. To deliver optimal results, micro-particles of the active ingredients are suspended in liquid form, maximising their efficiency and bioavailability. Not only is it more effective, but it is much easier to take, giving you the best results.

The Right Ingredients

Our Joint Plus with MSM formulation uses glucosamine sulphate which, at a dose of 1500mg, has been shown in clinical studies to produce the best results. To maximise joint pain relief, a blend of ingredients is actually the most effective, which is why Joint Plus with MSM also contains chondroitin (which promotes cartilage elasticity and inhibits the enzymes that break down healthy cartilage) MSM (methyl sulfanyl methane, which helps pain relief and speeds up healing) and finally Vitamin C (to promote collagen production). It is little wonder that users of Joint Plus have reported such great results.

Who we are


  •  We care about Quality – our products are made in EU facilities with GMP accreditation to the highest standards of quality and reliability. We source only the finest ingredients and use optimum dosages.
  • We care about Value – Our goal is to deliver market-leading natural health products with superior formulations at competitive prices in order to promote great health and vitality for everyday people.
  •  We care about Service – Through our highly trained and dedicated customer care team, we aim to deliver the highest service levels as we have in our community pharmacies over the last 45 years. Should you require further detailed information on our products ; our resident pharmacist and healthcare consultant will be delighted to reply to you personally.


Our resident pharmacist, John O’Callaghan B.Sc(Pharm) MPSI , has been advising generations of families about joint health for many years.

 “Over the years, I’ve noticed the same problems of stiff and sore joints. This can be the signs of old age – but you don’t have to put up with these symptoms for the rest of your life. As  a practising pharmacist, I have dispensed and sold hundreds of different products ; I’ve seen them come and go as fads and fashions change with the times. From these years of experience, I believe Joint Plus with MSM can really make a difference, as it’s manufactured with the highest quality of ingredients and beneficial strengths for real results.” 

Leaving you to enjoy your future

Leaving you to enjoy your future

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